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Our USPs

Fresh & Pure

Our SOP-driven processes ensure consistent taste, quality in products.


Our food maintains fresh taste and texture without relying on additional preservatives.


We emphasize hygiene and safety for secure consumption and well-being.




At AAA, we take pride in our dedication to excellence. We meticulously source the highest-quality Hass Avocados to create our exceptional dips. These premium avocados ensure our products are consistently rich, creamy, and packed with flavor, elevating your culinary experience with every delicious bite.

Avocado Products


Avocado Paste

  • Avocado paste, which can be used by customers to make their own guacamole, it can also be used by them to make avocado toast or used as salad dressing.
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Classic Guacamole

  • Experience the subtle symphony of flavors in our mild guacamole. Creamy avocados, hints of lime, and a touch of serenity come together for a truly satisfying and harmonious taste.

Guacamole (Customized to your needs)

  • Customized guacamole, crafted to match your preferences. Mashed avocados, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice, and custom spices create a unique and flavorful dip designed just for you.

Manufacturing & Distribution

All of our products are manufactured in India, in strict compliance with the food safety, health, and hygiene regulations. We prioritize fulfilling these requirements before proceeding to distribute our products within India.




We meticulously select premium ingredients to create our hummus. Our unwavering commitment to quality guarantees that every bite of our hummus is a testament to our dedication to excellence. We even specialize in crafting custom dips to perfectly suit your unique preferences and culinary needs.




Our fresh cold-pressed juices are a vibrant blend of carefully selected, nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables. Crafted with precision, these wholesome elixirs deliver a burst of natural flavor and essential vitamins, promoting vitality and well-being in every refreshing sip.